02 Oct 2008

A GitHubber Now

My big news of the day is that next week I officially start my new job at Logical Awesome, working on GitHub. This is a really exciting move for me, I've been interested in GitHub since long before it was released, nearly a year ago, when Chris first told me about it and I was first writing my Git/Ruby library.
Since then, I have loved it as a tool, evangelized it in my talks and whatnot, and done some part time consulting work for the site - I helped write Gist, Inline File Editing, and added some pure ruby goodness to the Grit library we're using on the site. I have greatly enjoyed drinking, podcasting and working with Chris, PJ and Tom and I'm looking forward to doing that full time going forward.
Most importantly, I'm incredibly excited about working on Git stuff full time now. For the last few years, it has taken up more and more of my free time and now I get to do what I am truly passionate about for a living. Everyone should be so lucky. What's more, all my talks and events I go to are now somewhat justified - I have to spread the Git love! The only downside is that where before I could plug GitHub as being truly awesome from a somewhat neutral viewpoint, now people will likely think I'm biased. :)
On a somewhat related note, we announced this at the Git Down event last night in San Francisco that GitHub put on, hosted by Serious Business, where we got to learn a little about git-sh, codeswarm and magit. Tom showed us some of the new stuff he's working on for GitHub and I got to show off my GitHub iPhone app preview and talk a bit about ObjectiveGit, my Objective-C implementation of Git. A good time and a fair amount of beer was had by all.
Anyhow, it's likely that future posts will be even more Git related, and I hope this means I can be even more effective in getting people to use and understand this tool that I enjoy so much.
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