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This Year

So I basically stopped blogging this year, more or less since I started working for GitHub. I’ve been busy, what can I say? I wrote a technical book through APress publishing called Pro Git, I’ve traveled all over the world speaking at dozens of conferences on Git and GitHub, and my wife had our first child, Josephine.

I think writing the book is what really killed the blogging. I was writing for hours every day or two, then spending hours each day the next week reading over comments telling me how I was both technically wrong and generally bad at writing in English. Sitting down and writing a blog post wasn’t really what I wanted to do after that.

Travel-wise it’s been a pretty amazing year. According to Tripit, I’ve traveled 74,360 mi to 31 cities in 11 countries over the course of 80 days this year. That’s almost a quarter of the year on the road. This year alone I’ve been to Shanghai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Berlin (twice), Poznan, Stockholm, Oslo, London (twice), Barcelona, Madrid, plus San Diego, Boston, Vegas, Chicago, New York, Virginia and Honolulu.

Physically I’ve changed kind of a lot, too. I got more or less in shape again this year, mostly due to a simple routine of running and the hundred pushups program. Though I haven’t quite yet made it all the way to 100 pushups in a row, I can now do about 70 or 80, which is pretty cool. I also lost about 30 pounds this year, from a high of about 195 when my baby was born to about 165 now.

Finally, there is Josephine. When the year started, Jessica was a couple months pregnant and now we have a little 5 month old baby girl. I was never really a fan of all the “it changes your whole life” comments, but it really does. It is by far the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. She even has a little passport already and has traveled to Hawaii and Spain with us.

Overall, this has been one of the most amazing years of my life, and I’m really quite sad that I didn’t write more during it. I will definitely try to reverse that trend over the coming year as I have more amazing trips coming up (for example, Australia, New Zealand, Paris, Ireland just in the next few months), and there will be no shortage of baby stories and GitHub amazingness.

Looking forward to this year, everybody. Skál!


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