02 Feb 2009

London Git Training

Git London Bus

At the end of March, I’m going to be traveling to Europe for Scotland on Rails to do a Git talk (also likely a talk at the University of Edinburgh, if you’re there).

While there, I thought I would do a more in-depth training session in London for all our friends toiling in SVN heck or otherwise wanting to sharpen their Git-Fu. My friends at Codebase have helped me rent a space, catering and all that so we can have a nice long session learning the ins and outs of Git.

If you are interested in signing up for the training, which is happening on April 3rd (a Friday), you can check out our website at gitlondon.com. If you know anyone in the UK who might be interested in doing it, please do let them know. If you’re in the UK and don’t want to do the training, but do want to go out for beers after, send me a note.

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