05 Sep 2008

Git Community Book

For the past several weeks, I've been working on a free, open source, online book on Git called the Git Community Book that I'm hoping to turn into a great one-stop resource for learning Git.
The idea is that we have a super solid Git resource linked right off the Git homepage that people can get most of the answers they need in a single, easy to browse place, from super-beginner to super-advanced. I've taken some content from the existing User Guide and tutorials that can be found scattered around online, and re-written a lot of it and added a ton of my own content, screencasts and images. There is a PDF version of the book that is generated and linked automatically everytime I do a build, so for those of you who like a paper or local copy, I've got your back. Probably 80% of the book is done now, and now I'm looking for some other contributors and some feedback.
I have a bunch of ideas for git-scm.com and the Git Community Book - I'd like to do searchable documentation, a cookbook, a quick-start guide and a few more things - but first I want to get this online book at least initially complete. If you are interested in helping contribute content for a section or chapter, I would hugely appreciate it. Even if it's just notes that you've tested, I would be happy to humanize it for you. Or, if you've written a blog post that I can re-use the contents of that cover one of the topics, that would also be great.
The topics I'm currently looking for are Advanced History Modification, Corruption Recovery, Branch Tracking, Subversion Integration, Git with Perl/Python/PHP, and Git with Editors (especially NetBeans/Eclipse). I can write them, but since I have limited personal experience with these topics, I'm not very confident that they would turn out particularly well.
Again, the book itself is open sourced and you can download the raw markdown and build scripts from it's GitHub repo, and read the "how to contribute" guide on it's wiki.
Write me if you can help contribute or proof-read the existing content at schacon at gmail.com.
Thanks, and I hope you like the book!
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