29 Jan 2008

Git and Rails News

It looks like yesterday my Git/Rails screencast got on the new ruby reddit page, which I deduced because Peter Cooper (I'm assuming of RubyInside fame) left a comment on the page all of a sudden. So I looked at my Google Analytics page and my hits went from about 30 a day to 500 yesterday, which is a fun little curve. So, welcome all, I hope you enjoy the screencast.
In other news, I have been informed that my presentation proposal for RailsConf 2008 has been accepted, so I will be speaking on "Using Git to Manage and Deploy Your Rails Apps" in Portland in May. I hope to see you all there. I promise the talk will be more energetic than my little screencast.
Also, the ErrFree guys have just opened up beta for GitHub, which I have now moved the repo for Ruby/Git to. I'll update the Ruby/Git page soon.
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