25 Apr 2007

Kisumu Water Tank Drive

As some of you know, I've been involved in a little non-profit called GlobalEyes for a little while now. Today I started a little fundraising initiative based on the Pledgie fundraising platform, which looks pretty cool. I tried ChipIn earlier, but I didn't like the whole Flash thing.Eventually, we're trying to start a sort of “open source” non-profit, where we'll put most of the emails that we get from the Kenyan NGO that we work with, Tropical Focus, the emails we send them, the spreadsheets and documents we write up, podcast our board meetings, etc. The exciting thing for me is that we're working on sending them a better camera so we can get regular photos and videos from them of the things they're able to do with the funds we raise and possibly get Tobias or Caren to write a blog post from time to time. More to come on that as I actually get the software to support it done.
The rest of this post is what I put in the Pledgie Fundraising page. I've also added the badge to my site here so you can see how it's doing.
GlobalEyes is looking to raise funds to supply our friends at the Childrens Rescue Mission, Kenya with a new water tank, which will help provide them with a water source through the year. From an email from Tobias:

“The heavy rains have started already - since 15th this month and may continue to about 10th June. The tank we proposed for CRM is 6000 litres costing about Kshs. 35,000 together with the accessories. However if funds shall be limiting we can go for 3000 litres which costs Kshs. 21,700 together with accessories, but the storage will still not last long.”
35,000 Kshs is about $512 USD.
Here is a picture of the water tank that we funded at that facility a year ago. It's capacity is not large enough to last the whole year, so we'd like to add another one.

If you donate, we'll be happy to send you pictures of the new tank when it is installed.
The Pledgie page is here: http://www.pledgie.com/campaign/show/171
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