26 Mar 2007

Pirates Cove

This past weekend I ran a 30k (18mi) at Pirates Cove, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, with Pacific Coast Trail Runs. Here's the Google Earth image of the running route (taken from my handy dandy Forerunner 305):
Unfortunately, it was really foggy out, so I didn't get to enjoy what I'm sure were normally really spectacular views. However, I did have a good time and had a really good run (probably due to the chilly weather). I finished it in just under 3 hours, which gives me an average pace of 9:47 min/mile over the 18 miles. As you can see from the Google Earth image, it was fairly hilly.
Jessica was signed up to run the 8k, but accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up doing the 20k instead. “Accidental Half Marathon” is a new phrase around the Chacon household.
Here is an idea of the length of the run in relation to the Bay Area:
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