21 Mar 2007

Gorillas Redux

So I was reading this article on how to create high quality YouTube videos and I wanted to try it out. I also had wanted to upload a more compact video about our visiting with the Gorillas in Rwanda, so I re-edited the video to make it less than half as long and tried to follow all those steps to get really nice quality video uploaded.
I ended up with a slightly better quality video, I think, though I'm not sure it's as good as you can possibly get with YouTube. Here are the screencaps as close to the same frame as I could get them (the top is the new video, the bottom is the older one):

So, I can see a little more detail in the top one, so I think it improved a bit, but it's not that much more impressive (especially for the amount of work that it took). Let me know if any of you have any good tips for this, I'm interested in how to get really sharp videos onto YouTube.At any rate, here is the new video - only about 2:40 now.

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