18 Mar 2007

My New Toy

Friday I got a new toy from Amazon, the Garmin Forerunner 305. It's one of the cooler toys I've been able to play with lately. I got it because I've been training for a marathon at the end of April and I realized I have almost no idea how I pace or what my heartrate is when I train or really how far I run except that I use Google Maps pedometers to measure rough distance. So, I got this bad boy because a couple of my runner friends seemed to like it a lot. I've had devices like these before, but they've never made the data very accessible before - serial cables or Windows only software and proprietary formats, etc. This one is different - USB cable, Mac software and a half dozen formats for everything. They even have an excellent free online resource to help with all the analytics of your workouts and such. Here is the link and one of the charts from MotionBased website for the easy bike ride Jessica and I did yesterday: http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/activity/2265069 I think that's pretty cool. I've got a 17-18 mile run planned for today, so maybe I can post some data on that when I get back. Fun stuff.

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