10 Jan 2007

Sunlight Gillibrand

How amazing is this? It may not look like much at first sight, but this is the first step towards a far more open and accountable government. That link is to the Sunlight Report of Representative Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, stating what she did on Jan 9th.

* Floor Votes on 9/11 Commission recommendations (H.R. 1) (See Congressional Record). * Steering Committee meeting where Rep. Gillibrand won an appointment to the Agriculture Committee. * House Armed Services Committee meeting to discuss Secretary of Defense Robert Gates committee appearance later this week. * Blue Dog Caucus meeting to discuss organizational issues for the 110th Congress. * Attended a reception held by Women's Policy INC. to welcome the new Members of Congress and discuss women's issues.
I tried to get Jerry McNerney to do this, but they weren't interested, unfortunately. I hope this gets fleshed out more and hopefully adopted by more Congresspeople.
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