07 Aug 2006

Back From Africa!

Wow, we’ve been gone for three weeks in Africa with Margee, and it was a heck of a trip. Jessica and I went to Kenya and Rwanda, which was our first time in Africa.

We visited the offices, schools and projects of GlobalEyes, did a couple of safaris (including one on bike), stayed in the Hotel des Mille Collines (of ‘Hotel Rwanda fame), saw some incredible and moving Genocide memorials, saw the gorillas (of Gorillas in the Mist fame), visited Rwandan ministers (of State), schools and universities, witnessed a Gacaca trial, and got some Congolese art. It was a truly incredible trip.

We took over 1800 photos (more than 6 gigs), and about 10 hours of video footage that I’m currently going through. I’ll be posting some mini documentaries on YouTube and hopefully CurrentTV soon, but for now, here are some of the Flickrized photos from our trip!

Margee, Veronica and Scott at Tropical Focus Obede Primary School Obede Primary School Scott Filming at Obede Primary School Obede Primary School Curiosity Obede Primary School Nursery Obede Primary School Nursery Children of Children Rescue Mission, Kenya Jessica with Tropical Focus What $2000 will get you in Kisumu There is a cow in the road. Lake Nakuru National Park Zebras in Nikuru Scott Filming Jessica Unhappy Water Buffalo Rhinos Lake Nakuru National Park Sunset Water Buck Flamingoes in Flight You Want a Piece of Me? Primate and Baby Lake Nakuru National Park Scott and Jessica at Lake Nakuru DikDik Giraffe Landscape Girraffe walking Water Buffalo Girraffe Munching Lion Lions on the hunt View from the Hotel des Mille Collines Bayingana Family with Scott, Jessica and Veronica Our Friend Kenny Memorial on the Road to Ntrama Ntrama Church Pews Ntrama Church Altar Ntrama Church Memorial Ntrama Church Ntrama Church Ntarama Church 2 Genocide Memorial Rwanda Country Rwanda Country Jessica and Veronica in Rwanda Rwanda Countryside Rwandan Country Northern Rwanda Gorrillas just outside of the mist Concentrating Gorilla IMG_4061.JPG IMG_4062.JPG Jessica Bonding with the Gorilla IMG_4064.JPG IMG_4065.JPG IMG_4066.JPG Curious Gorilla Who is the Monkey? Gorilla Eatin Gorilla Swingin Baby Gorilla Our Friend Gorrilla Vista Gorilla Baby Gorilla Trekkers IMG_4215.JPG Fields of Rwanda Jessica, Scott, Veronica and Alex Jessie Keeping it Real Rwanda Rwanda Countryside Genocide Sign Touring the Kigali Genocide Memorial Museum Interview at Fawa Students at the Fawa Girls School in Kigali Biofuel stove at KIST Metalworking at KIST KIST Student Workshop at KIST Kids at KIST Making Fencing at KIST Congo Art Filming a Gacaca Trial Gacaca Trial Prisoner at Gacaca Court Burundi Dancers Burundi Dancers at National University of Rwanda at Butare Burundi Dancers outside the auditorium Jessica Feeding Giraffe Jessica Feeding the Giraffes Nature Trail in Nairobi Rift Valley Scott Biking at Hells Gate Park Scott Biking at Hells Gate Park Our Baboon Friend Rwandan Art Underground
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