07 Jul 2006

MapChangers and Africa

Hey everybody – long time, no blog. A couple of things happening I thought I should let everyone know about.
For one, Mark Warners Forward Together PAC has an online contest poll for your bestest candidate and our very own Jerry McNerney – the congressional candidate here in the 11th. In fact, I don't think I've blogged about that yet – Jerry won the democratic primary here, so congratulations to him.
For those of you who don't know, I volunteered for him briefly in 2004, ran against him for a while here and then backed out in favor of Margee Ensign who also had to back out shortly thereafter. Anywho, Jerry won and has some great people on his staff this time around who I really respect and I'm following his campaign closely. He is competing in a few online contests – he recently won the DFA one and is now in the running for Mark Warners MapChangers. So, since I like McNerney and would like him to win, and I like Warners group – please do take a moment to vote for him in this contest.
Forward Together also just posted a blog entry about the Sunlight Foundation, which is a great sign. The Sunlight Foundation is where Andrew Rasiej and Micah Sifry went after the Advocates for Rasiej campaign that I wrote about several times here, so it's great that Warner and his team are thinking that way.
Lastly for today, I wanted to share that Margee has invited Jessica and I to join her on her Africa trip this year. So, next week we will be traveling to Rwanda and Kenya for about 3 weeks. I'll be bringing along the camcorder and camera, so hopefully we'll have a lot to share when we get back.
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