01 Jun 2006

Mark Warner

I am continually being impressed by Mark Warner's rumblings over at ForwardTogetherPAC.com.
I just found their Flickr feed today.
The pictures are a little bit more candid than what I would have expected – it's reminding me a bit of some of the forward thinking and really embracing the first pieces of an Open Source Politics that I can't wait to see when the presidential stuff starts.
I got a bulk email from them the other day that was short and to the point, letting me know about the new podcast they were launching. It was only a few paragraphs long and the last one was this:
This is just the beginning of the conversation. In future shows Governor Warner will be responding to questions from pod people like you. On our podcast page there's a form for you to submit questions and comments to Mark Warner. Every month the Governor will respond to the most interesting submissions as determined in a very subjective manner by flunkies on his staff. Ask Governor Warner: http://www.forwardtogetherpac.com/pages/podcast
I just like “a very subjective manner by flunkies on his staff” – it says to me that they're not posturing and it makes me think he's a little less calculating and a little more trustworthy.
I'll keep an eye on them for you.
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