23 May 2006

UVAS Triathlon

I completed my second triathlon of the season a few days ago and Jessie took some pictures, so I thought I would do a quick post with how I did and a couple photos.
The first of the season for me (and for a lot of people) was the Strawberry Fields Tri in my hometown of Ventura, CA (actually, Oxnard, but it's basically the same) – I mentioned that one in my last post. It was basically a duathlon (run and bike), since they cancelled the 400yd swim due to unbelievably strong currents.
In that race, I finished with the following time table :
Distance Rank Pctile Time Pace
This past Sunday, I ran in the UVAS Triathlon in Morgan Hill. It was longer, though still short of Olympic distance – 3/4mi swim, 16mi bike, 5mi run.
I think I'm getting in better shape, because this one actually didn't hurt as much as the Strawberry fields, even though a) I had to swim, b) it's longer, c) the bike was NOT flat. Actually, there was a mile long honkin hill around mile 11 that was just killer. I saw people walking their bikes up it.
Here's how I did in Morgan Hill :
Distance Rank Pctile Time Pace
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