14 Apr 2006

3 months in 6 minutes

Wow, you ignore your blog for a while and what do you get? 100 spam comments on one post. Man.
Well, it has been a while now since I've been posting here, but I'll try to get it up to speed again – there is a lot going on. I was trying to get another site launched – a fun project I've been working on with Margee Ensign, interviewing people around Stockton about issues and social solutions there. However, my video editing skills aren't what I had hoped and it's just taking forever to get them turned out. The more I put off posting here about it, the more I didn't want to post anything else and alas, the site got ignored.
The new project will be called DemocracyStoryProject.com, but there is just a holding page there right now. Soon though – I have enough raw footage to get a couple stories up. Maybe I'll start putting some of them here as I'm doing them.
As for other things, I have been busy. I have been working with the Grassroots Champion Coalition on their California Precinct Captains program. I'm trying to help out with some programming, but the Advokit codebase is… well, let's just say special for right now. The program is great and the people involved are the best, it's just the software that needs a little work. Or, you know, complete rewrite. However, I am a Captain now, so if you live in my precinct and you're a Dem, watch out because I'm coming to meet you.
I'm also trying to stay involved in the Congressional race, and being a Captain I am also trying to stay basically neutral until the mid-terms. I've spoken with both major campaigns (Thomas didn't respond to my request) and it's certainly interesting. I am not endorsing either candidate, though the McNerney team has been kind enough to ask my advice on a number of things, so I am doing some volunteer work for them. Maybe I'll post more on that later.
I have also been contacted by Mark Warner's ForwardTogether PAC web team about what they are trying to do with technology, and I am very impressed. I would recommend checking out their site and I'm sure I will write much more about them and my involvement with them in the coming months.
Lastly, I have recently been invited to a Communications Symposium on the UOP Campus on April 20th, where I'll be on the Professional Panel, which should be fun and/or interesting. I'll try to get some pictures or video or something to post here.
On a non-political front, I just competed in my first Triathalon of the season a few weeks ago in Oxnard (near where I grew up) in the Strawberry Fields Tri. It was great, nice and short, and fun to be back in my home town for it. For those keeping score, it was a 400yd swim (which was cancelled due to the waters being too dangerous, so we high-kneed it through 200yds of water – ouch), then an 11mi bike and 5k run. Much fun.
Well, that's all for now – I'll try to be a bit more regular with these from now on.
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