20 Jan 2006

Our Ten Words

I just stumbled on a (apparently) new website sponsored by Tom Vilsack and the HeartlandPAC group. The website is called :
It means to have everyone collaborate on a single ten word message that represents the Democratic Party message.
From the site :
This site is designed to start a discussion about the Democratic Party’s message by obtaining as many ideas as possible. This is a conversation that everyone needs to participate in—it must not be limited to certain members of the party, whether they be the grassroots, elected officials, or policy experts. This effort matters so much that we cannot afford to leave anyone out of the process.
Although I don't really care enough about the outcome to get me to participate in the exercise, I do like that we're seeing more of this participatory type of political website and I also like that an actual politician is behind it. Go check it out.
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