27 Oct 2005

Culture of Corruption

The Bull Moose Blog had this to say about possible upcoming indictments (emphasis added):
Having stipulated his distaste for the Bushies, the Moose will not be as jubilant as some if Mr. Fitzgerald announces indictments, even if one of his targets is Rove (in truth, the Moose will then enjoy some schadenfreude). But, it will be a sad day for America. If Administration officials violated the law it will further weaken trust in our public institutions. Cynicism will be the victor.
I am sad that, to a large degree, my side is focusing on this. They want comeuppance, and in my opinion, rightly so. However, it is not what the country needs, it will not improve politics. Dancing on the graves will only continue it’s downward spiral. Increased polarization, increased partisanship will be the ultimate results.
We are just harping on the “culture of corruptionâ€?, which I agree is there and needs to be addressed, but I don't think we should just be pointing everybody at it and saying “at least we’re not themâ€?. Rumor has it that the Democratic slogan for 2006 will be “America – Together, we can do better”.
Here's a thought – maybe we should just BE better. Demonstrate we are not corrupt by introducing a bill or a website that obviously and dramatically increases government transparency. Open all our campaign books with real time disclosure. Make it obvious through action who is actually not corrupt, not just through finger pointing and repetition but through action. Let's think differently, try to raise the bar a bit. What do you think? How can we be better?
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