06 Oct 2005

Since Sliced Bread

Yesterday I heard about a great website from the SEIU. Andy Stern, president of the SEIU and whom I heard speak at the Personal Democracy Forum a few months back, posted on the Huffington Post about a new website they launched just a couple of days ago. The site is called Since Sliced Bread, and it is setup to collect good ideas.
The idea is that there haven't been many good, big ideas coming from government lately, so they setup this website to take suggestions for the next big idea. From the site :
Since Sliced Bread is a national call for fresh, common sense ideas. A call for ideas that will strengthen our economy and improve the day-to-day lives of working men and women and their families. It’s also a place where ordinary Americans and experts alike can discuss the important economic issues of our times. ... The winner receives a grand prize of $100,000 and our commitment to work to make the idea a reality. The two runners-up take home $50,000. All 21 ideas will be featured in a book to be published in 2006.
So you write your idea (175 words or less) on their site, and you can view and comment on other peoples ideas. The winners are voted on early next year. So, if you have a great idea, go try it out.
Here is mine.
I like this because it is another example of how we can use the internet to encourage a real participatory democracy. Ask hundreds of thousands of people what they think, promise to do something about it, and I think we would be surprised at what we can come up with. I have been working on a project related to the campaign that is very similar and I think this is the way government will eventually go. Involving everybody, asking everybody what we should do, asking everybody to participate, and actually listening.
On the front page of Since Sliced Bread, they say :
Ordinary Americans can help determine the future, so join this important national conversation right now
Join the conversation.
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