28 Sep 2005

Beyond Delay

This 13 most corrupt members of Congress thing, in addition to the Endangered Species Act rewrite and National Park selling proposal have gotten Pombo a lot of attention lately.
I didn't link to the actual report yesterday, but the organization has put up a whole website for it at http://www.beyonddelay.org. Pombo's section is here, which details out several of his recent ethical problems, including :
  • Misuse of Franking Privileges
  • Campaign Donations In Exchange for Use of Official Powers
    • Support for Chevron in Opposing Competitor’s Bid for Unocal
    • Opposition to Environmental Guidelines
    • Legislative Assistance to Indian Tribes
    • Support for Proposed Freeways
  • Payments to Family Members
  • Misuse of Federal Funds for Campaign Expenses
This is one of the more comprehensive and concise collections of recent Pombo ethical violations. If you would like to read about any of them in more detail, please visit the site.
In related news, even the Republicans are starting to get tired of him. Republican Pete McCloskey just announced that if nobody stands up to Pombo in the primary, he will challenge Pombo.
A former U.S. Marine, McCloskey served in the House of Representatives from 1967 to 1983, representing a district on the Peninsula. He made an unsuccessful presidential primary bid in 1972 on an anti-Vietnam War platform, attempting to defeat President Richard Nixon. ... Monday morning, speakers from such diverse groups as farmers, sports fishermen and California fisheries, joined McCloskey in speaking out against Pombo's attempt to change the ESA.
We are going to have an interesting year.
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