22 Sep 2005

I Mean Honestly...

So I did another triathlon in Pleasanton this weekend – on Sunday, actually. I did better than the last one, but my dumb bike tire popped again. I think my bike may well be allergic to the finish line, because it was an 18 mile bike ride, and the tire died around mile 17. Since it takes me about 20 minutes to change a tire and far less to jog a mile, I just jogged my bike in. So here you have this dumb picture of me crossing the bike finish while not actually riding my bike.

What a doofus. Other than that, it was fun – next time I'm thinking of trying an international distance course.

That's assuming I can get my bike to work for the whole course. Also, in case you're wondering – no, I hadn't ridden the bike since the last triathlon.
The website seems to be holding up pretty well – I just got my first batch of voter file data, so I'll be injecting that and we'll be off and running with a targeted voter list. Who wants a precinct?
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