19 Sep 2005

New Website!

As you may be able to tell, if you've been here before, our new website has been put up. There have been several new features added, and hopefully it will be an all around better site for everyone.
Among the improvements :

Phone Banking

There is now a full featured phone banking application here. If you sign up for an account, you can start calling other people in our district to let them know about my campaign. The best part is that you can schedule me to call or meet with them while you are on the phone! Imagine saying that on the phone – “Would you like to meet the candidate? How about Monday at 7pm? Great, he'll be there”...

Call Me

I now have a Call Me section, where if you would like me to call you to talk about something, you can just schedule me to give you a call. There is a link on the front page that is quick and easy to use.

Better Scheduler

My online scheduler lets you determine my campaign schedule – first come, first served. It is far, far better than the sad version at my old site. Now it checks for conflicts and enforces rules so I can handle the scheduling. It is also much easier to use.


There are now a number of feeds on our website, including individual discussion feeds, a campaign account feed, a schedule feed, and there will be more. We will soon have a feed of all the meetings that I go to, with images or video attached.

Open Source

The best part is that this whole website is open source. Feel free to visit http://groundworks.chaconcorps.com to download all of the source code and modify it for your own campaign. Or, add a feature that you would like to see and submit a patch to me. This is the beginning of a web based campaign that spreads to help elect a different kind of politician everywhere.
This is just the beginning. Now we have a framework we can really work with. There is tons of new functionality just around the corner – and all of it will continue to be open and available to anyone else for free.
Again, this is a brand new site, so please let me know if you see any bugs or problems, or if anything is confusing.
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