13 Sep 2005

New Website Testing

I just put up the code for the new website. We are still debugging it and adding a few features, but in the interest of the Open Source campaign, I invite you to check it out.
It may be up and down occasionally as we tweak the server and add the remaining features and data, but it's essentially working and I welcome any feedback you have. There is also a problem with slowness when clicking on certain specific links, but that's being fixed soon.
The site is being tested at http://beta.chaconcorps.com, and will replace this website within the next few days, most likely.
It is also open sourced as a software project, which means you can download the source code for the whole site here. A warning : it is not a product – it is just my website code and would be a bit of work to make it work for someone else, but it's out there nonetheless. It is written in Ruby on Rails, for those of you out there who care.
Let's hear that feedback!
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