28 Jul 2005

Back from Poland

Jessica is now back, safe and sound. Her trip to Poland and the Czech Republic was great, and we have about 2.5 Gigs of digital pictures from the trip. We'll put up some of them for everyone to see as soon as they're all white balanced and such.
As for the me, I'm at the end of the first phase of the campaign's new website construction. We have been hard at work making a website framework that will allow us the kind of flexibility we want to build the tools we need for a new kind of campaign. It will be open source and the project website will be announced at the same time as the new site is launched.
Also, a word on podcasts. I stopped producing them regularly all of a sudden, which I apologize for. I am rethinking the format and will start them up again soon, with more interviews and guests. It is pretty exciting to see our podcast feed in the new Apple iTunes directory, though!
That's it for now, look for the new site soon.
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