23 Jun 2005

Machado and Matthews Out

We got a mention in the Tracy Press today, in an article titled “Pombo won’t face Machado or Matthews”. For the last few months, people have been speculating that either Mike Machado, a State Senator from Linden, or Assemblywoman Barbara Matthews would run in the Democratic primary for Congress here (against me). It now looks as though neither will. Apparently, I’m too intimidating. It’s understandable.

From the article :
Another announced Democratic candidate is Dublin computer engineer Scott Chacon. Chacon is similar to many of newer district residents, because he commutes two hours a day.

Chacon said he plans to limit contributions to $100 and overcome his lack of name recognition by developing an Internet-based campaign.

“I believe that Pombo’s abuse of power and ethics problems are becoming far more widely known in our district,� Chacon said. “Pombo’s actions have given us an opportunity.�

In other news, Jessica and I are going river rafting on the American River this weekend, so we won’t be walking or otherwise much working on the campaign, but we will be back next week, and I’ll try to get some good pictures – I hear it’s very pretty up there.

As far as the campaign itself goes, I’m working on reworking and otherwise finishing up our full “Plan to Win” document, and fleshing out an idea for helping out with the horrible traffic problems so many of us face out here. I’ll get both of them up on the site as soon as they’re ready.

Much more on the way – we’re just really getting started now.


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