19 Jun 2005

School's Out

Almost every day this week has been spent with my wife Jessica in her classroom, finishing up the last days of school – grading, entering scores, cleaning out the classroom. So, the posts have been sparse. Now that school is out and our schedules have opened up a little, we’ll be ramping up our activity again.

Speaking of Jessica, she just finished a 0.75 mile swim at Lake Del Valle in Livermore. It was her first competitive swim in quite a while and she did a great job. I had the honor of marking everyone for the race, so I wrote everyone’s number on them. We met a lot of great people there and had a good time, so we’ll hopefully go to more events in the future.

In fact, we’re going to start training for Pleasanton’s Tri For Fun triathalon, which is in four weeks, so if you are a local athlete, I hope to see you there. I’ll let everyone know how our “training” progresses.

On the campaign front, we’re getting our research volunteers organized with their topics, so the Issues section of this site should be more filled out by the end of summer.

I hope all the teachers out there are starting to wind down, and all of the fathers have a happy Father’s Day.


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