12 Jun 2005

Send Your Mail Again!

I’ve had to deal with a couple of issues this weekend – for one, the mail system has been broken on our servers for a few days. We got hit by a spammer which for some reason was not being properly blocked by our mail system, and they queued hundreds of thousands of mails in our system. I was forced to flush the queue, which lost all of the mail in it.

I have since blocked the spammer and fixed the mail system, but if you tried to send mail to us or used the contact forms on the site in the last few days – I probably did not get it. I apologize, and I hope that you will resend it. We will be moving to a new, better server in a few weeks, which should help in the future.

Thanks again, Scott

Update – it appears that I fixed it, and I believe everything finally got through. So, disregard.

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