09 Jun 2005

Servers and Terrorism

If you tried to visit the site this afternoon, I apologize for the short outage. Our hosting company, ServerBeach, had a power loss for about 4 hours and all of the servers there were down. At some point I’ll have to get a backup server that is somewhere else, but for now I just feel bad for the guys working there – I bet it’s been a heck of a bad day.

The big news is the recent arrest of five Lodi men suspected of terrorism. Lodi is, of course, one of the cities in our district and this is just shocking to the small community. For a great overview, please go to the Lodi News-Sentinel website as they are doing a series of reports on different aspects of the story. For a really scary read, see the FBI affidavit (United States v. Hamid Hayat).

I’ll keep everyone up to date on this as things unfold and especially as we eventually get out to Lodi to go door to door.

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