03 Jun 2005

Goings On

Here’s my Thursday recorded podcast, and some quick updates on the campaign.

Printing was done today, so Jessie went to pick it up. On the whole, it came out pretty well, and we are hoping that we will get through it all by the end of the month. 1000 houses by the time Jessica goes to Europe for her study program.

FEC has my statement of candidacy on file, which was pretty neat to see. You can find it on fec.gov, along with everyone elses. The committee papers haven’t been processed yet, but they were sent in a bit later.

Alameda county faxed me an application for voter registration information, but I have to go into the office in person to pick it up. I’m thinking of mailing in the payment, and just going to pick up the CD, otherwise it’s a good half day of travel for the two trips.

AFL-CIO robo-called me with an anti-Pombo spot basically calling him a tool of the oil and gas companies a day after the DCCC aired anti-Pombo radio spots on Memorial day. Apparently, people are starting to pay a lot more attention to him this year, which will make this a lot more fun.

Working on new website functionality, which will be all open sourced, so look for that.

Lastly, we’re walking this Saturday, so I’ll post some pictures on Monday, hopefully. I think I’m going to start a little counter here pretty soon too – number of houses visited meter, or something.

Don’t forget to call in with comments at 206-20-CHACON


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