07 May 2005


I was contacted yesterday on AOL Instant Messenger (my username is ‘repchacon’, by the way), by a guy named Brendan Greeley, who is apparently a site editor for PRX, which I’ve mentioned here before (although I’m pretty sure he didn’t know that).

Anyhow, it turns out that Brendan is working on a new WGBH produced, Public Radio International syndicated radio show called Radio Open Source that is recording pilots right now. In fact, they just released their very first one today.

From the Starting Points page…

Everything we do at Open Source will be “open to inspection, improvement, adoption and reuse,� in Doc Searls‘ neat formulation. We will make all the content of Open Source available under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use, with the standard proviso that our work is credited and further use is open.

This project is fascinating to me, and I will follow it closely. The reason that Brendan contacted me is because he was interested in what I was doing with podcasting in my campaign for the first show, although it looks like they are thinking of possibly including me in a different show later on instead.

So, something interesting to keep your eye on. If you want, you can subscribe to their feed.


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