29 Apr 2005


I recorded this morning, but I’m just getting the post out around 11pm, so I apologize that you all couldn’t enjoy this podcast all day today. However, it’s still technically Thursday, so here’s the Thursday podcast. Twenty two shows, and the format is still changing around. This show I am basically just talking about the campaign and some things that are being done on my house.

I have normalized the Statement of Vote data for the past few years and crafted a data model that will accomplish the number of votes that I need to win here. That gives us a goal, and even registration and GOTV goals in each precinct. I am setting up a centralized online database, so the really neat thing will be that as our volunteers do Voter ID, we will be able to see how we’re doing according to the working model in close to real time. This will not only be one of the most technologically sophisticated grassroots Congressional campaigns ever, but the tools will be available for anyone to use the next time around. That is very exciting to me.

I also finally faxed in a password request form to the FEC, so I can register as a candidate and our PAC, but the chicken and egg syndrome hit again, and I found out that we need to send in the paper forms first, then we can do the electronic filing from then on. If you are running for Congress, here’s lesson number one : start here : http://www.fec.gov/info/contact.shtml

Information Division Greg Scott, Assistant Staff Director Telephone: 800-424-9530 (press 6) 202-694-1100 202-219-3336 TDD E-Mail: Submit your campaign finance law questions to info@fec.gov, and a specialist will research your questions and respond within ten business days.

Honestly, the FEC people are very useful, helpful and nice. If you call the Information Division right off the bat and whenever you have questions, they are great at helping out. That is your “How to Run for Congress” lesson of the day.

Don’t forget to call in with comments at 206-20-CHACON


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