19 Apr 2005


A long weekend of campaign preparation behind us, Jessica and I are taking a day each off of work to be home for contractors fixing things in our kitchen. It was supposed to have been fixed when we moved in, but a year later is fine too.

This podcast is all about my campaign journal – what we have been working on, materials we have finished, etc. I also talk a little bit about data processing for the targeting process, so I can tell you, it’s all about excitement.

I want to start writing more in the blog, and I think I’m going to do a ‘campaign journal’ category here, for those of you who are curious but don’t listen to the podcast. You can find a lot of it in the shownotes, but it’s pretty impersonal. I’ll try to put some effort into that. I really want to document as much of this as possible, I’m just not the natural writer that some bloggers are. I will work on it.

Don’t forget to call in with comments at 206-20-CHACON

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