07 Apr 2005

RunForCongress.com Interview

Todays podcast is my recording of an interview I did last night with Mike Panetta of RunForCongress.com, which is a new podcast that he is starting up. I am the first interview he has done for that site, but if you are a podcatcher, be sure to subscribe because it looks like it will be interesting. We talked about my campaign and my site, and also a bit about my district. I edited out the beginning, when we were a couple of monkeys trying to figure out the sound settings, and the very end right before we hung up, but other than that it is unedited, so there will be sirens going by and such.

What was most fun about this is getting the Skype interview setup properly. I actually had two microphones, one going into my mixer and recording straight to a track (which is why my voice sounds clear) and another going into Skype that he hears. That means that if you listen to the interview on his side, my voice will probably sound a bit different. The only pain was that my mixer recorded our voices onto two different tracks and I had to stitch them together later. Oh well.

The only other thing I have to say at this point is that I found out that when I talk to other people, I say ‘you know’ way, way too much. Forgive me, I’ll work on it.

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