14 Feb 2005

Valentine's Day Post

Happy Valentines day, everybody!

Jessie and I had a great weekend, we met with Jerry Hildebrand of Katalysis for an interview on Saturday, and stole almost 4 hours of the mans time. We talked about politics, my race, his organization, you name it. He was in the second Peace Corps deployment, helped fight poverty in Appalachia, and worked for Robert Kennedy, among other things. Jerry is a kind and fascinating man, and I hope that comes out in the interview. I recorded almost an hour and a half of material, which I’ll edit down to about 30 minutes for use in the podcast, but I’ll put the unedited version on this website as well. Jerry is one of the many people I’m sure I will meet during this process who is smarter, kinder and more experienced than I, but who would rather spend their talents getting things done, than the maddening pursuit of selfish politics. Just a great person and an inspiring organization, I hope you enjoy the interview – I’ll hopefully have it all ready by tomorrow’s podcast.


The interview was actually problematic to record, since I was using my laptop and some cheap computer mic. Then the software I was using to capture the sound and do the on the fly dynamics compression died because it was a trial version that I had purchased but didn’t put the key in correctly or something. So, then I had to fiddle for several minutes and figure out how to record straight to disk. So, the recording you will hear will have been heavily post-processed, via SoundSoap and other fun tools. However, for future interviews, I just bought one of these, so hopefully future interviews will be a little smoother. I’ll let you know who’s up next and how the new setup works.

Until tomorrow!


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