02 Feb 2005

Podcatch How-To

I have heard that some people don’t know what to do with these podcasts, so I thought I would post a little example. I’m stealing this from this article in the Mercury News. However, since it is about the shortest article in history, I’m quoting all of it here. In any case, its a good way to get started. I have only really edited it to fix some slight mistakes.

1. Download software that reads RSS 2.0 feeds with enclosed audio files from sites like www.iPodderX.com for Macs, or iPodder.NET (or iPodder Lemon) for PCs.

2. This software automatically downloads audio files to your computer and moves the tracks to iTunes or other music management software for transfer to your iPod or another digital music player.

3. Subscribe to the feeds you want. Sites such as iPodder.org, Podcast Alley, iPodderX directory are good places to start your search. Your computer does the rest. It will automatically search for the latest Podcasts and move the audio files into iTunes or other media jukebox software.

4. Simply synchronize your iPod or other portable digital music player with the computer to transfer the Podcast.

4. If your media management software doesn’t automatically download the Podcast to your digital music player, you can drag the audio file directly into the player, as you would any MP3 music track.

Let me know if you have any problems.


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