18 Dec 2004

Participatory Politics

I found a new website yesterday that was very interesting to me. They are looking to do many of the same things that I am, using the internet and new technologies to improve democracy. They are at Participatory Politics.


From their website :
The projects we are currently developing will take advantage of the internet’s ability to keep records, allow feedback and re-engagement, and provide distributed access. Specifically, people will be able to more easily work with others to focus ideas and conversations. And they will have access to productive political tools that will enable discussion to become political action.
The primary reason that we’re interested in developing effective online infrastructure and motivating discourse is to shift political power towards individuals and small groups. We hope to remove barriers to participation at every significant tension point: information-gathering, real life and online discussion, action-oriented organizing, and engagement with government.

They have several projects they have started on, and the Bill Tracking project looks especially interesting, I’m curious to see what comes of it. I will definitely link to it when it goes live.

On another note, I apologize that I haven’t put up a personal bio type statement yet, Jessica and I have been busy this week, since it was her finals week for her Masters degree class. I’ll try to get something posted for that this weekend. I haven’t forgotten, honest.


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