08 Dec 2004

Southeast Stockton Malnutrition

This story just aired on NPR. This area may or may not be in my district, as the boundry lines cut out quite a bit of the heart of Stockton, but the story is interesting nonetheless.

From the summary :
Stockton is just a short drive from some of California’s richest farmland. Yet in economically distressed southeast Stockton, it’s difficult to find fresh fruits and vegetables. Markets mainly sell high-salt, high-sugar foods and alcohol.


The story is about how type 2 diabetes cases are exploding in the black community of southeast Stockton because local markets don’t sell fresh fruits and vegetables. This is particularly disturbing because of the location of Stockton – right in the middle of the San Joaquin valley. The availability of fresh , healthy food should not be a problem in California’s farming heartland.

Near the middle of the piece, they mention farms plowing under their crops that ripen late. There must be some volunteer gleaning crews in the area – let me know if you work with one, or know of one in the area.

If anyone lives in this community, or lives near here, and would like to show me this personally, please contact me. I would like to hear your story.

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