01 Dec 2004

Wiki Bills

The Wikimedia group is doing some great things with collaborative work. I have been a fan of Wikipedia, their online encyclopedia for some time now, and have recently found new projects they are working on. Among them a dictionary, a media repository, a source documents site, a quotations site, and now a news site. They are written by the community, and are extensive and multilingual.

By the way, a “Wiki” is a group of linked pages online, each of which can be edited by anyone. It is used to create documents openly, in large groups.

In this spirit, I have just put up a Wiki page here on this site for collaboration in this community. It can be a place to build documents and projects together, and the first thing I have put up is a Bill Creator. I encourage everyone to think of a bill you would like to see passed, and sketch it out in our Wiki. We can fill them in together, as a group. There is no reason I can see for special interests to have all the fun.

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