I’ve been doing a good amount of public speaking lately and it looks like I’ll be doing a good amount more in the forseeable future. I really enjoy public speaking, which I think is because I used to be in theater in high school and college and sort of miss that entertaining aspect of my life. These conference talks are both fun for me in that I get to meet a lot of people and teach new things to people, but also that I get to entertain and perform for an audience again. I think that terrifies a lot of people, but I rather enjoy it.

Anyhow, here is a list of some of the gigs I have coming up and some that I have done recently.

Upcoming Conference Talks

When Conference Where Talk Title
Feb 2010 Symfony Live Paris, FR Introduction to Git
Feb 2010 PyCon Atlanta, GA Git and Hg
April 2010 Palmetto OSS Conference Columbia, SC Git and GitHub

Conference Talks I’ve Given

When Conference Where Talk Title
Jan 2010 LinuxConf.au Wellington, NZ Wrangling Git
Nov 2009 Conferencia Rails Madrid, Spain La Diferencia Git
Nov 2009 Erlang User Conference Stockholm, Sweden Git Talk Intro
Oct 2009 Kung Fu Rails Shanghai, China Intro to Git and GitHub
Oct 2009 Aloha on Rails Honolulu, Hawaii The Birth of Git and Hg
July 2009 OSCON San Jose, CA 3-hour Git Tutorial
July 2009 RubyKaigi Tokyo, Japan Intro to Git and GitHub
May 2009 RailsConf Las Vegas, NV Smacking Git Around
Mar 2009 Scotland on Rails Edinburgh, Scotland A Smattering of Git
Mar 2009 ApacheConf BarCamp Amsterdam, NL Introduction to Git
Nov 2008 RubyConf Orlando, FL Git from Ruby
June 2008 RailsConf Portland, OR Getting Git

Tech Talks : The Guardian, SAP, Loopt, Digg, Yahoo, LinkedIn, EA, Google, Pivotal Labs